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Weighing your options

Sure, there are lots of tarpaulin manufacturers around the world. So why choose Puyoung? Here are some reasons why we are the best tarpaulin manufacturer in the industry.

  • Raw materials: We use prime grade polyethylene from Korea as our source material.
  • Machinery: Premium machines made in Austria and Germany (Starlinger extruding line, SML coating machine) yield higher quality and greater efficiency.
  • Inspection: Products undergo rigorous quality testing for accelerated weathering, strength, water tightness, flame retardancy, etc. using advanced testing appliances.
  • Warranties: Best in the industry.
  • Sales offices: Located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East so we stay responsive to our customers.
  • Business ethic: To ensure every customer is satisfied and can refer us with good word of mouth.
  • Custom requests: We are glad to accommodate your custom sizes, colors, thickness, additives, prints, etc.
  • Factories: Eight factories strategically located throughout Korea, Canada, China, and Vietnam ensure timely delivery and enable us to sell to different regions at the best price.
  • Scale: Puyoung is the world's largest tarpaulin manufacturer in terms of production tonnage (2015).
  • Stability and expertise: Specializing in tarpaulin manufacture since 1992.