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Our canopies and instant pop-ups are strong, attractive-looking, and affordable. They are sold under our subsidiary brands (King Canopy in the US, Harnois in Canada). Our canopy products include the following.
  • Vehicle storage
    Our canopy will protect your car from the elements, keeping it cool in the summer and snow- and ice-free in the winter. Wide variety of sizes allows for truck or boat storage as well.
  • Event booths
    Perfect for display booths at festivals, art & craft shows, and food vendors. Easy to transport and set up. Promote your company with a professional custom printed canopy.
  • Outdoor party tents
    Heavy-duty and expandable up to 20'x20'.
  • Garden houses and greenhouses
    Make the most of your backyard with a cozy garden house or grow your own organic food in a small greenhouse.
Canopy products can be ordered online from our United States retailer King Canopy or from

King Canopy Harnois